Dormakaba launches new electronic door lock

Dormakaba debuts global software and analytics to help hoteliers do a better job with actionable information. (door handle and lock)

Dormakaba launched its Quantum Pixel electronic door lock. Quantum Pixel collects a wealth of lock activity information to support productivity analytics.
“The Quantum Pixel, provides a minimalistic appearance while providing all hardware features and technology today’s global hospitality market, designers and architects are seeking,” Mike Lopes, senior product manager, lodging systems for dormakaba, said in a statement.  “We have taken a ‘less is more’ on the door approach, leveraging space inside the door to contain electronics, while capable of delivering online wireless integration and mobile access solutions.”
The company is moving beyond locks and hardware manufacturing with global software and analytics that help hoteliers do a better job with actionable information. Its online locks capture and record a great deal of data that makes maintenance predictive, and continuously monitors room door status to keep hotels secure.
Dormakaba systems also monitor frequency of door use to help properties balance room usage, and enable hotels to schedule staff more efficiently.
“The more intelligence that is built in a lock system, the more operators can learn about their hotel, the guest experience, and the lock’s performance,” said Joey Yanire, assistant VP mobile access, lodging systems. “The usage profile of each lock provides data that supports better decision making. It can also help reduce operator maintenance costs and improve customer satisfaction.”