Eleven now offers mobile printing to hotel guests

Eleven released a new feature for ElevenGC that allows guests to print remotely from their personal devices to secure guest computers connected to high performance printers in hotel lobbies, business centers, and other public areas.

This new feature for ElevenGC, called Mobile Print Zone, is available 24/7 and leverages EFI PrintMe software to deliver cloud-based printing from guests’ laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Guests simply upload their document via a browser, email or EFI’s free mobile app, and then go to an ElevenGC guest computer to release their document job to the printer. Guests will also be able to retrieve their documents directly from cloud-based services like Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive in future releases.
Mobile Print Zone is easy for guests to use and does not require printer drivers. Guests can count on privacy and security because documents can only be printed with a confidential retrieval code. Similar to ElevenGC’s Boarding Pass Zone, Mobile Print Zone does not require guests to pay for computer access to print documents.
Mobile Print Zone is easy to setup and can run on any ElevenGC for Mac, leveraging existing printers. Hotel staff will no longer have to print guest documents from thumb drives on hotels’ back-of-house systems, which compromises PCI compliance. Since the Mobile Print Zone is a feature within ElevenGC, hotels can easily earn and track incremental printing revenue as well as monitor and account for consumables, like toner and paper.

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