Eleven sells business center division


Eleven has sold its business center managed services division to Nashville-based Uniguest. The move enables Eleven to focus solely on the growth of its software business, the company said. Terms were not disclosed.
Eleven will leverage the capital from the sale to fuel its ElevenOS platform growth by scaling its software engineering, sales, partner development and operations. ElevenOS enables delivery of free Wi-Fi, tiered bandwidth, billing and authentication, intuitive portal pages, advanced conference Wi-Fi management, and advanced analytics.
Founded in 2001, Eleven launched the central authentication platform across the earliest Wi-Fi networks. For the past 15 years, Eleven has delivered 99.9+ percent reliability and sustained annual SaaS recurring revenue growth every year. Last month, Eleven was recognized as one of the top 20 most promising wireless solutions by CIOReview.
The ElevenOS platform integrates with hardware from Nomadix, Cisco, Ruckus, HP, and others. Eleven works directly with these product teams to ensure a seamless and reliable experience. These integrations enable non-technical staff to easily provision tiered Internet, customize captive portal pages, and offer advanced network features to their meetings and conventions. It is achieved through a simple and intuitive web interface, across a variety of network hardware and software. The new Eleven Hotspot 2.0 solution makes it easy for large and small brands alike to offer their guests automatic and secure Wi-Fi connectivity, including private networks to connect their devices to each other.


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