Enseo expands into 250,000 hotel rooms

Enseo products like GameChanger allow for a cost- and time-efficient TV screen-management solution for employees across hundreds of connected screens in public places, all from the same interface. ( Netflix is taking over)

Enseo has expanded into 250,000 hotel rooms with its E3 entertainment, networking and IoT solutions—an increase of 175 percent from 2016. Over the past year, Enseo’s fully monitored, out-of-home network reached more than 44 million guests, doubling 2016’s previously reported 20 million guests.

Since Enseo’s transformation into a technology-based services platform in 2013, the company has shown increased growth year over year while building a measurable track record of success and innovation beyond the hotel room. Enseo’s solutions offer a comprehensive set of software and hardware-enabled features to address the needs of connected People Places, which include sporting and music arenas, restaurant bars, shopping malls, schools and casinos.

“Why are we growing so fast, and why are we confident it will continue? Because Enseo is answering an unmet need of the last 10 years,” Vanessa Ogle, CEO and founder of Enseo, said in a statement. “There are multiple technology challenges commercial people places such as hotels face, and we offer a single platform that answers the most important technology needs they have: consistent wireless networking and guest entertainment all while saving them money by using existing wiring.”

Adoption of the Enseo platform provides properties with the most reliable and affordable guest Wi-Fi, HSIA solution. Customers taking advantage of Enseo’s platform can also enable IoT functions to manage room control, messaging services such as digital signage for guest and group messaging, Bluetooth technology for entertainment and associate safety, and curated content allowing customers the ability to personalize and control individual or cumulative guest experiences. Further, Enseo products like GameChanger allow for a cost and time efficient TV screen management solution for employees across hundreds of connected screens in public places, all from the same interface.

“It is so fun watching general managers and owners come back and suggest features that we can add to the platform already installed in their properties,” Ogle said. “We are not hoteliers, but many of our customers are. They tell us what problems they need solutions for, and we listen, develop, and then deliver. It is that simple.”