EVEN Hotels introduces smart RFID wristband system

EVEN Hotels, InterContinental Hotels Group's newest holistic wellness hotel brand in the U.S., recently installed PDC's Smart Band RFID wristband system to enhance the guest experience through keyless and cashless applications. Two new EVEN Hotels properties opened June in Rockville, Md., and Norwalk, Conn.

Upon check in, EVEN Hotels guests receive an RFID room keycard, and for $8, may purchase a waterproof Smart Band with a securely sealed RFID chip inside that stores and verifies guest data when scanned by a reader. Guests may take Smart Band with them upon leaving the property, and re-use when visiting any EVEN Hotel. As each chip contains a unique ID number, the bands are impossible to duplicate.

Guests are able to access their rooms by presenting their Smart Band over RFID-enabled locks. Unlike common magnetic stripe key cards that can be lost or misplaced — particularly in water and recreational environments — Smart Band is more secure, staying fastened on the wrist. Its re-wearable silicone design allows removal when not in use.

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Smart Band's contactless interface provides performance advantages over magnetic stripe key cards. Dirt and debris can collect on the cards, which can impact performance, often requiring maintenance or replacement.

The PDC Smart Band also serves as a convenient "wrist wallet," enabling guests to make cashless purchases at the hotel's Cork & Kale Market and Bar via a quick scan of the band.

EVEN Hotels has three additional locations in the pipeline — two in midtown Manhattan and one in Brooklyn, N.Y. These properties will begin opening in late 2015, and all three will incorporate the wristband system.

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