FCS adds m-2talk to its rainbow solution

FCS Computer Systems introduces m-2Talk, a push-to-talk mobile app designed to provide instant and secure staff communication for hotel properties. Using m-2Talk, management, runners, room attendants and supervisors can communicate instantly with each other by speaking directly through walkie-talkie style conversations on their smartphones. The ability to instantly communicate with a single individual or to a group can speed up productivity and can ensure clarity for any tasks, assignments or questions. 

m-2Talk is the next generation of internal hotel communications. Its multi-language user interface simplifies operations internationally and can break any language barriers. Unlike free solutions, m-2Talk works on the hotel's private network and is only available to staff that are pre-authorized by management for usage. Its group chat feature supports one-to-many messaging between predetermined or ad-hoc user groups. The app goes beyond basic verbal communications and comes equipped with history tracking that records and stores all conversations for users to reference back to, if needed, by searching start date, end date, sender, recipient or group chat name.

"With the industry-wide transition to smartphones, many hotels have turned to mobile apps for job dispatching and back of house task management. These apps have remarkable advantages; however hoteliers have continued to express a strong desire for the push-to-talk functionality that their outdated walkie-talkies provided," says Akina Ho, vice president of strategy and global business development for FCS. "Our solution provides hotels with the instant push-to-talk communication of yesterday with today's technology, combined with a secured platform that only allows authorized personnel to communicate and hear the private conversation. Past communication can also be retrieved on their smartphone or backend server." 

FCS m-2Talk is part of the m-Services platform that includes m-Connect, for managing guest requests and inter-department work orders, and m-Housekeeping, for room cleaning and room inspection management. It can be integrated with m-Connect and m-Housekeeping for consolidated communication and workflow management, or purchased as a standalone system for instant communication. Working together, these three mobile solutions allow hotels to better serve their guests by extending service delivery from static locations, such as the front desk or concierge counter, to anywhere within the hotel.

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