FCS i-Guest V3 consolidates guest services

FCS Computer Systems reports the general availability of i-Guest V3 to users on iOS and Android mobile devices, boosting functionality for hoteliers and guests. FCS has made significant enhancements in subsequent releases of i-Guest, allowing hotels to maximize the guest experience at their properties-at anytime and from anywhere.

New i-Guest V3 features include:

  • Supports multiple brands: One single master app enforces brand loyalty and eases app management for the brand on the guests' own devices.
  • Supports multiple properties: All properties under each brand are listed for easy cross-property marketing and individual hotel inquires.
  • Supports multiple time zones: Supports worldwide coverage.
  • Supports offline access: Auto-cache of hotel data even without a network connection.
  • Improved navigation: Easier navigation between favorites, hotel services, and 3rd party technology within one app.
  • Dedicated video for group: Facilitates dedicated videos for conventions and meetings based on group codes or individual guests.
  • Push notifications: Capable of sending targeted messages to specific guests, actively at specific days and times.
  • Micros POS 3700/9700 integration: Automates in-room dining to the POS.
  • Hotel reservations: Facilitates hotel reservation inquires to the hotel reservation team for processing or automates the entire booking process if interfaced to the hotel booking system.

i-Guest V3 enhancements continue to benefit hoteliers with a direct bridge between all departments, helping to ensure that guest requests are delivered as accurately as possible and in a timely manner via the FCS e-Connect system or via email and printer if FCS e-Connect is not installed. For example, a hotel guest using i-Guest can report a burned-out light bulb directly from their i-Guest equipped mobile phone. The notification is then automatically escalated to engineering, housekeeping and/or the appropriate guest service team through the existing operation work flow process.

Virtual Roundtable

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Join Hotel Management’s Elaine Simon for our latest roundtable—Post COVID-19: The New Guest Experience. The experts on the panel will share how to inspire guest confidence that hotels are safe and clean and how to win back guest business.


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