Flyte Systems expands reach into Scandinavian market

(Flyte Systems)

Flyte Systems and the hotel service firm Hospitality Partner in Copenhagen signed a joint collaboration agreement to expand Flyte Systems’ guest travel services and hotel flight information throughout the Nordic region. Hospitality Partner will provide Nordic hoteliers FlyteChannel, FlyteBoard and FlytePass products that smooth the travel experience with real-time hotel flight information and boarding pass printing.
Hospitality Partner, with offices near Copenhagen, Denmark, provides consulting services for new facility system planning, installation and solution upgrades, and hardware and software support. The company delivers solutions and products that are cost-efficient, increase revenue, and bring value to hotels and guests.
“We welcome our win-win joint collaboration with Flyte Systems,” said Kim Simonsen, co-founder of Hospitality Partner. “Our partnership will expand their Scandinavian market presence and increase the portfolio of guest travel services we can offer Nordic hoteliers.”
Flyte Systems is a division of Industrial Television Services, based in Chicago. ITS is a respected digital signage solutions company with more than 50 years of experience specializing in real-time information delivery.