Gaylord Palms Resort saves 5.8 percent in utilities

Gaylord Palms Resort

The Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center’s energy reduction program is creating a 5.8 percent utility savings a year. The Gaylord Palms established sustainability goals to conserve energy and keep guests comfortable. Honeywell’s INNCOM network and energy management solutions were incorporated to fully monitor and optimize the property. The Gaylord Palms is a 1,400+ room property in Orlando.
“Our company has an overall energy conservation strategy that includes environmental systems like guestroom temperature optimization,” said Bill Goeller, Gaylord Palms director of engineering. “In the past eight months, Honeywell’s INNCOM solutions helped us realized an overall property utility reduction of 10.4 percent. This includes a 5.8 percent guestroom energy savings that equates to over $400,000 a year.”
In mid-2015 the property implemented Honeywell’s fully-integrated wireless INNCOM Deep Mesh network and e528/PIR Smart Digital Thermostats. The units have motion detectors and light sensors to efficiently monitor and optimize each guestroom’s environment and energy use. The thermostats are linked with its centrally-controlled INNcontrol 3 system. INNcontrol 3 is a powerful, client-server application that communicates with the Gaylord Palms’ INNCOM intelligent room devices in real-time to monitor and control each room’s environment. The system also collects guest room temperature and occupancy data, providing valuable reports and notifications that enable property management to oversee and optimize guest comfort and reduce Gaylord Palms’ utility expenses.
Honeywell’s INNCOM Deep Mesh network uses redundant edge routers throughout the nine-story resort for maximum reliability. The wireless network is robust enough to interface with and support other hotel server-based systems such as property management system (PMS), building automation and electronic lock systems.
“The property selected Honeywell because we wanted the INNCOM integrated, single-platform wireless network to support our INNCOM guestroom environmental controls and our Kaba electronic lock system,” said Goeller. “The value and savings from employing a single network are clear. The system collects guestroom data in its central INNControl 3 console and reports on a wide variety of important environmental factors that enable us to optimize and reduce overall energy use and improve how we maintain the equipment. The Deep Mesh system also communicates with guestroom locks to notify us if guest doors are left open. The result is a more secure property.”
The Honeywell INNCOM e528/PIR Smart Digital Thermostats’ sensors monitor rooms to inform the system when a room is occupied. “Data shows that rooms are only occupied three to four hours a day. We reduce energy consumption by controlling temperatures when a room is vacant,” Goeller said. “We configure a ‘set-back’ temperature that conserves energy when the room is not in use. This guarantees rooms will stay at the most economical setting until a guest occupies the room. The thermostats have a light sensor that informs us if lights are left on in a vacant room. Simply turning off unnecessary lights further contributes to our energy savings.”