Georgian House Hotel installs Guestline’s PMS, distribution systems

Georgian House Hotel

Georgian House Hotel in London, a boutique property owned by Serena von der Heyde, recently opted for Guestline’s cloud-hosted property-management and distribution systems to boost online bookings and identify new revenue streams.

Home to the Wizard Chambers (a set of Harry Potter inspired rooms), the Georgian House Hotel identified the need for a more integrated and data-rich hospitality system after recently undergoing renovations. Previously using an older system, the Georgian House Hotel realized they needed a more superior technology set up – a future-proof system that would allow the business to maximize revenue streams and adapt to the property’s growing needs.

“Integration with our online booking manager and advanced functionality that enables us to track the ROI of any promotions more easily will help us to shape our plans and offerings accordingly,” said Kia Hellens, reception manager, Georgian House Hotel. “The system allows us to access comprehensive financial reports so we can critically evaluate the business and identify trends and patterns which ultimately helps us to stay a step ahead and forecast effectively.

The team were keen to identify trends and patterns across their business and having the ability to analyze in-depth data has been a welcome addition.

“In an industry that is data driven, it’s more important than ever for hotels to be analysing the information available to them from a number of sources,” Hellens said. “The improved reporting and seamless channel integration will allow us to operate more efficiently by managing our rates more closely and ultimately save time by having a reliable and automated system in place.”

The Georgian House Hotel recently completed a two-year refurbishment project.