Golden Tulip Hotels drive online bookings from OTAs with RezNext

Tulip Inn Media Park Hilversum

RezNext Global Solutions launches its enhanced version of the Intelligent Distribution Platform. The latest release of ReX from RezNext is powered by speed to support a dynamic distribution model.

Golden Tulip Hotels have experienced an upward trend in its distribution yield since switching over to the enhanced version of RezNext's distribution platform. Golden Tulip Hotels is part of the Louvre Hotels Group, the largest hotel company in Europe having six brands with more than 1,100 hotels in 47 countries.

“We generate a good amount of our online hotel bookings through OTAs and hence the ability to distribute dynamically helps us improve the ROI from our channel partners,” said Sachin Upadhyay, corporate revenue manager, South Asia, Golden Tulip Hotels. “RezNext's enhanced version of its distribution platform helps us successfully execute on our pricing strategy. Being a cloud-based application, we can access it from any place, quickly view the distribution KPIs and make any rate updates instantly. It helps us manage rate parity very well. With RezNext's distribution technology allowing us to meet market demands instantly, we are confident that we will be able to improve our bookings at least by 10 percent this quarter.
“Currently we receive 34 percent of our online bookings through OTAs. We are also very pleased with the excellent support and staff response from RezNext. We see them not as technology vendors but true profit management partners."

Powered by speed, ReX helps address two critical pain points in the industry – managing rate parity and inventory open/close updates. In both cases, the impact on business is big. ReX addresses this with instant data-sync functionality with the OTA systems.