Graduate Hotels upgrades Wi-Fi with HIS partnership

Hotel Internet Services, a provider of internet services and solutions for the hospitality industry, has implemented guest Wi-Fi networks at several Graduate Hotels across the United States.    

In catering to a guest demographic that includes alumni, students and their family members, Graduate Hotels identified providing Wi-Fi service as a priority in maintaining high satisfaction rates. This was due to many guests seeking a stable high-performance connection for entertainment, work, study or for staying in touch with family and friends.  

The hotels with the new systems are: 

  • Graduate Annapolis (Va.)
  • Graduate Athens (Ga.)
  • Graduate Chapel Hill (N.C.)
  • Graduate Cincinnati (Ohio)
  • Graduate Columbia (S.C.)
  • Graduate Eugene (Ore.)
  • Graduate Lincoln (Neb.) 
  • Graduate Madison (Wis.)
  • Graduate Minneapolis 

“A Wi-Fi service that can be counted on to be fast and easily accessible is one of the first and most pressing demands made by today’s hotel guests, making it essential for us to work with a provider such as HIS that can ensure we meet this expectation fully and consistently,” Benjamin Heiland, VP of hotel technology at Graduate Hotels, said in a statement. “Throughout each installation at our hotels, HIS has proven that they have the knowledge, technology and support services necessary to provide for a seamless upgrade that will continue to deliver high quality experiences for virtually any type of online guest need.”      

In addition to providing Graduate Hotels with internet connectivity, HIS will further equip property staff and guests with access to its 24/7 support services to handle network performance or troubleshooting issues.