GuestDriven and Estimote deliver iBeacon technology to hotel industry

GuestDriven partners with Estimote, developer of Beacon sensors, to deliver iBeacon technology to the hotel industry. Growth forecasts put beacon installs across all industries at 5 million within the next four years, for a 287 percent increase. Guests opting in to the Beacon push notifications can access these messages from both iOS and Android devices.

"The iBeacon technology has been extremely well received by our hotel partners in our global deployment, said Anthony Zebrowski-Rubin, ceo of GuestDriven. "While the retail, transportation and sports industries have been using Beacons to direct fans, navigate and improve traffic patterns for travelers and deliver special offers with product ratings and comparative pricing for shoppers, the hotel industry now has the ability to personalize and deliver richer guest experiences with real-time promotions that drive new revenue and engagement, deepen customer loyalty and elevate their brand."

Estimote Beacons are small, intricately designed sensors that can be strategically placed virtually anywhere in a building or the outside grounds. Through the tiny radio signals broadcasted by the Beacons, guests can receive a variety of push notifications such as welcoming, promotional and informative messages regarding their hotel stay direct to their mobile phones as they walk through the property.

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The baton has been passed to a new generation of hotel guest. Nearly half of all hotel guests are under the age of 36 and 94 percent of them carry a smartphone, according to Atmosphere Research Group.

"Hotels must be mobile-centric in how they sell, serve and support guests," said Henry H. Harteveldt, Founder/Travel Industry Analyst, Atmosphere Research Group. "Smartphones are as essential to guests as the air they breathe. Mobile-centric guests may view a mobile-focused hotel as more convenient, and may be willing to consider paying a higher rate for that convenience. This new generation of guests will pay as much attention to hotel mobile services as they will its bedding."

GuestDriven is helping hotels capitalize on this shift in the market by providing a mobile guest engagement platform that allows hotels to engage with guests via mobile devices in order to create stronger customer relationships, build brand advocacy and drive revenue. Last month, GuestDriven launched GuestDriven Express which equips hotels with mobile check-in and upgrade capabilities and adds new revenues while engaging guests at the pre-arrival stage.

Benefits of iBeacon technology for guests include:

  • Heightened personalized service;
  • Recognition for loyalty and repeat business;
  • Upgrades and perks for engagement including discounts on rooms, restaurants, in-room dining, spa and other amenities;
  • Tailored offerings connected to your profile;
  • Educational messages about hotel services, artwork and specials; and
  • Directions to various property locations.