Guestline launches digital marketing solutions

St. Moritz Hotel (St. Moritz Hotel)

Guestline has developed WebSuite, a complete digital marketing solution covering website design, email marketing, blog design, copywriting and e-commerce specifically for hotels, serviced apartments and pubs. Guestline's online marketing solutions gives hoteliers the tools needed to ensure their website is performing, maximizing revenue opportunities and driving direct bookings to the hotel.

St. Moritz Hotel, a luxury resort in Cornwall, has seen its online bookings soar as a result of their new website and online booking platform from Guestline. As a result, direct online bookings have increased by more than 400 percent since the site went live and the resort has reduced their reliance on third party bookings, reducing OTA commissions and driving profit.

“We are delighted with the new website and the uplift in online sales,” said Simon Bassett, IT manager at St Moritz Hotel. “The website reflects the hotel's brand identity and it is easy to navigate with its visually appealing layout. The editable content management system allows us to make any ongoing changes and add content to the site quickly and simply."

The websites that Guestline creates are fully optimized for desktop, mobile and tablet devices. The online booking manager integrates seamlessly with the hotel’s PMS and hotels have full editorial control of the property's website via Guestline’s easy-to-use WebSuite content management system. This enables a hotel to update and edit their own website in a matter of minutes. Offering bespoke web design to suit all requirements, WebSuite is proving to be an essential tool for hoteliers looking to increase revenue.

Hoteliers can boost revenue through upsells, packages and promotions and encourage guest loyalty and repeat bookings through exclusive offers on email. The ability to create and deliver highly targeted, relevant offers direct from Guestline's WebSuite CMS and distribute through the email campaigner enhances a property's reach whilst ensuring they are always maximizing revenue opportunities from all profit centers.