Hard Rock Hotel Palm Springs now offers movie downloads

Hard Rock Hotel Palm Springs will roll-out of a new, consumer-friendly in-room entertainment experience to replace the traditional paid video-on-demand system. The downtown hotel will equip all rooms with complimentary Nexus Tablets and Google Chromecast, enabling customers to stream movies and television shows without additional hotel fees.

"We're excited to be one of the first hotels to offer this modern technology to guests," said Andy Carpiac, majority owner of the Hard Rock Hotel Palm Springs. "With today's streaming options, paying $15.99 to watch a movie in your room seems antiquated and unfair. A more consumer-friendly approach makes sense and the Google system we provide for free is one of the best and most user-friendly options available."

The new systems include a bedside tablet that syncs to the room's 42-inch flat screen television. By logging in to subscription based services such as Netflix, guests can stream viewing content to their room's TV for free. The new entertainment systems are already installed in the majority of pool view rooms and suites, with complete roll-out anticipated by the end July.

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The capital for the Google Nexus Tablet and Google Chromecast project came through a recent crowdfunding round of equity financing by the Hard Rock Hotel Palm Springs. The crowdfunding deal, performed by RealtyMogul.com which is among the largest and most credible real estate crowdfunding sites, was the first-ever crowdfunding of an existing hotel in the United States.

"We're constantly looking for innovative ways to improve the hotel and get current and prospective guests excited about the property," Carpiac told Palm Springs Life. "A portion of the capital raised through the crowdfunding deal was earmarked for the quick implementation of creative capital improvements such as this. We're creating a better overall guest experience. The bottom line is that we're in the hospitality business, and charging nearly $16 for a movie isn't very hospitable. We're excited to change that."

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