Hcareers relaunches employment platform

Hcareers uses an intelligent job posting network designed specifically for hospitality employers. Photo credit: Hcareers

Hcareers relaunched its platform, now using artificial-intelligence-powered technology that will match individuals with roles that fit them best and encourage longevity, retention and growth. Studies show that salary, benefits, and employee reviews are among the top qualities looked for in a job, while benefits and perks convince job seekers to apply for a role. The new Hcareers will modernize recruitment practices with its composite Fit Score to process data related to company culture, skill set, salary and benefit needs, values and company attributes. Employers now also can create comprehensive profiles showcasing their top attributes to attract candidates.

Hcareers better aligns today's job seeker-to-recruiter relationship by using an intelligent job posting network designed specifically for hospitality employers. Now, it will also provide tools and insights for employers to attract top talent and influence potential employees' decision-making. To further career education and advancement, employers and employees will be able to receive personalized skill development road maps to increase upskilling within the industry.

"Hcareers now offers job seekers in the hospitality industry possibilities they've never had before and the most robust platform for employers to attract candidates," Ron Mitchell, founder/CEO of Virgil Holdings, said in a statement. "Using our AI-enabled job matching, career path identification, and professional education, Hcareers will help identify and launch sustainable, long-term careers in an industry with an infamously high turnover rate." 

Hcareers was launched in 1998 and was purchased by Virgil Holdings in 2018. The employment platform has more than 5.7 million members and more than 25,000 active jobs posted by over 4,000 registered employers, according to the company.

Employers now will be able to attract more candidates who fit their culture and share their company values through branded pages and video to share what it is like to work at the company, highlight employee stories and more. By matching candidates with a company based on data and intangibles that extend beyond roles and responsibilities, Hcareers creates job satisfaction, longer stays with a company, and increases the rate of career growth.

To help further increase a focus on long-term career development in the hospitality industry, Hcareers has partnered with leading hospitality organizations to deliver the new resources to millions of hospitality workers, students, job seekers, and employers. Partners include the American Hotel & Lodging Association, the National Restaurant Association and the International Council on Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Education.