Historic Sohotel chooses Alice for guest and staff communications

New York City's Sohotel (Sohotel)

New York City's historic Sohotel has adopted the Alice Suite solution to power staff communication and improve guest engagement with the hotel. When the 100-room landmark hotel was undergoing its most recent reinvention—a hotel has been operating continuously at the site of the current Sohotel since at least 1805—the owners learned the building could not support telephone lines to each guest room, and needed to find another way to communicate with guests.

The owners selected Alice to not only supply Sohotel with a modern guest-engagement solution, but also improve internal communication for staff.

Before Alice, Sohotel's staff relied on paper notes and emails. With ALICE Suite, Sohotel's guests can now submit requests through Sohotel's website, app or via SMS. Meanwhile, Sohotel's staff can respond and fulfill guest requests on-the-go and in real-time with the unified Alice platform, which connects all the departments of the hotel for streamlined task management and communication.

Alice is proving particularly useful for staff as the hotel finishes its renovation. Staff are setting up "construction alerts" in ALICE so that all teams (regardless of shift) know where in the hotel and when the renovation is occurring. This helps hotel teams with room assignment, moving traffic safely through the building, and in delivering consistently excellent service to guests.

“The first thing my staff asks one another when a request is mentioned is 'Did you put it in Alice?’” said Alain Derderian, Sohotel's GM. “Alice has eliminated most of the paper at my front desk and with it, brought a lot of efficiency to our operations. It’s also been very necessary as we wrap up these renovations - internal communication and communication with our guests about the construction has been critical.”