Honeywell launches new lighting, power-management system

Inncom Spectre can be used as part of a standalone Inncom system or integrated as part of a networked energy-management system. Photo credit: Honeywell (Honeywell launches Inncom Spectre energy control)

Honeywell launched its new Inncom Spectre energy control, an easy-to-install, efficient lighting and power-management system that fulfills California Title 24 requirements. Spectre extends occupancy detection to guestroom lights and outlets to conserve energy while also offering welcoming lights when a guest enters the room. Spectre from Honeywell integrates with its e-Series thermostats to combine lighting and power-management in retrofit and new-build projects. Spectre is now available for installation.
The e-Series thermostat detects when a room is unoccupied and using the Spectre technology, it automatically turns off a room’s Spectre wall outlets and lights. Properties may customize the power-down timing to between 10 and 30 minutes after a guest leaves a room. When a guest re-enters the room, the door switch signals the thermostat, which communicates with the Spectre devices to activate the appropriate lights and outlets.

This provides an inviting environment for guests and helps ensure they do not need to search for a light switch in the dark. Lights also can be turned on and off manually using a Spectre master switch, giving guests a convenient way to darken the room before bed, and switch the lights on in the morning.
Spectre provides versatile lighting and wall socket power control and is easy to install. The system communicates with radio frequency signals eliminating the need for new wiring. When using an Inncom system, Spectre’s flexibility allows it be integrated with third-party central electronic lock systems. The system reduces energy use that leads to lower costs and can contribute toward a return on investment. Spectre can also extend the lifespan of lights and appliances by optimizing use.
Inncom Spectre can be used as part of a standalone Inncom system or integrated as part of a networked energy-management system. Spectre integrates with Honeywell Inncom E528 and Inncom e7 thermostats. Its compatibility with LED, inductive, incandescent and fluorescent lighting makes it an ideal opportunity for properties to fulfill California’s Title 24 energy-conservation requirements.