Honeywell simplifies guestroom system design

Honeywell launches Alexa voice-ready thermostat for hotels
INNtool gives Inncom staff the ability to work with the property’s team to make real-time design decisions based on room type, equipment and third-party integration criteria. Photo credit: Honeywell

Honeywell is shortening training and installation requirements for hotel properties around the world with its design, commissioning and sales software offerings, INNtool and EngINN. The Honeywell Inncom tools simplify the design and implementation of the company's hotel guestroom systems. INNtool is a guestroom design tool that allows real-time, on-property Inncom system design, HVAC equipment compatibility confirmation and pricing. 

This can lower costs for Honeywell partners and authorized system integrators by reducing installation time so they can bid more competitively on projects. EngINN is Honeywell’s on-property system commissioning tool that quickly pushes guestroom configuration across an entire property.
The systems are developed for international deployment and are used by Honeywell partners and authorized system integrators globally in the more than 35 countries in which it sells products. Honeywell’s 32 years of hospitality experience with its Inncom solutions continues to lower the cost of essential hotel systems and increase profitability for operators. Access to the INNtool and EngINN solution suite is provided at no charge to partners and authorized system integrators that order an Inncom project.
“Every hotel room and property is different. When Inncom created energy management for hotels, it was a simple offering. Today it is much more complex—each HVAC unit needs specific compatible controllers,” Jiten Chavda, Inncom channel marketing director, said in a statement. “INNtool can greatly reduce the risk of errors in designing a hospitality project by making product compatibility selection faster and more accurate while EngINN drastically shortens the installation and commissioning time per room. Our goal at Honeywell is to make the product selection and implementation process simple for hoteliers.”
With INNtool and EngINN, hotels can help setup the following solutions which Honeywell provides: intelligent energy management, lighting controls, drapery controls, entrance controls, voice controls, Deep Mesh networks and amenity and service requests.  
INNtool gives Inncom staff the ability to work with the property’s team to make real-time design decisions based on room type, equipment and third-party integration criteria. INNtool also matches Inncom’s products with property design and finish requirements and provides a clear product render and an accurate quote on site. This lets hoteliers quickly confirm their design so samples can be supplied promptly. When all design features are finalized, INNtool’s files are loaded into EngINN for system commissioning and set-up.
EngINN may be used in networked properties to communicate ‘over the air’ with Inncom devices to establish a hotel’s guestroom temperature settings. EngINN is able to centrally configure Inncom equipment for optimal guest comfort and energy savings on property, without engineers commissioning thermostats individually.

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