Hotel Diamond, Chalet View Lodge improve guest experience with KEYPR

Chalet View Lodge (Chalet View Lodge)

Hotel Diamond, a historic property near California State University in Chico, and Chalet View Lodge, a resort and spa in the Sierra Nevadas, have chosen to enhance their guest experience through the KEYPR platform, which includes a custom mobile app and in-room tablets.

Hotel guests will be able to use their smartphones and in-room tablets to access hotel services while on and off property, access hotel information and communicate with hotel staff. Staff and management will be able to use the KEYPR system to streamline and track requests and generally improve the efficiency with which they interact with guests.

“This partnership makes us the first hotel in Chico to feature this type of guest experience,” said Ryan Brimm, GM of the Hotel Diamond Chico. “We recognize that guest expectations are changing and we are thrilled to be able to connect with our guests in a new way.” 

KEYPR offers hotels a completely customized, fully integrated system with which to manage guest requests and staff work flow replacing the need for multiple solutions. KEYPR’S SaaS model offers the full system to hotel operators with no money upfront and zero CapEx. 

“We are a uniquely interactive and guest-focused resort that prides itself on superior guest service, delivered every day,” said Alex Hickman, managing partner of Chalet View Lodge. “Our property allows guests flexibility and choice, and we are pleased to partner with technology providers that allow our customers the freedom to experience our hotel and services on their terms. Thanks to the KEYPR solution, we have been able to focus on providing service to our guests anywhere on the property, even as we reap the rewards of increased operating efficiencies and cost savings back of the house. KEYPR provided exactly the technology solution we were looking for.”