Hotel tech startup Exa launches intelligent voice automation solution

New York City headquartered Exa launches its intelligent voice automation solution for the hospitality industry that can drive new revenues and improve guest engagement. Exa’s software turns the Amazon Echo into an in-room concierge, enabling hotels to connect with guests through voice.

The Amazon Echo is a sleek, hands-free speaker that, when powered by Exa, puts the services of the hotel at the tip of the guest’s tongue and restores hotel control of the information flowing to guests. Guests can order room service, request housekeeping, set-up spa appointments, make dinner reservations, or ask for local information and recommendations to make their stay more enjoyable. The Exa team partners with each property to define customized interactions that enhance the hotel brand and create new revenue opportunities.

“There is currently nothing that compares to Exa when it comes to offering frictionless, contextual upsell suggestions and personal service,” said David Berger, CEO and co-founder of Exa. “Guests just start talking. There is no complex interface to learn and nothing to download. There are a myriad of SMS-based and mobile solutions on the market, and they are definitely serving a purpose pre and post stay. However, Exa is a powerful business tool that reinserts the hotel into guest decision making during their stay.”

Exa is easy to implement, requires no specialized training and frees up front-line staff to focus on delivering world-class guest experiences. The company has already contracted with multiple notable properties and will be deploying with several leading brands in the near future.