HOTELbeat introduces instantaneous multi-language translation capability

HOTELbeat adds a translation module which allows hotel employees to instantly change the language being displayed to the language selected by the user: Spanish or Tagalog for example. This feature allows hotel staff to better communicate by removing language barriers, and eliminates the unintentional havoc that misinterpreted messages can potentially wreak on hotel operations and guest service.

HOTELbeat's multi-lingual functionality provides much more than just the conversion of text on a page. Instead, it acts as an instantaneous translation tool between employees who speak different languages, with customization for key hospitality-centric phrases and terminology, a unique feature that makes it even more effective. According to the U.S. Department of Labor's Employment and Training Administration, English proficiency is a key challenge in the hospitality industry, since a large percentage of the workforce does not speak English as their primary language. With this added functionality, all HOTELbeat clients will now be able to choose languages other than English to best suit their employees' needs.

Using the updated HOTELbeat platform, employees can change their language of choice on the “my settings" page. Everything in HOTELbeat will be instantly translated to the selected language. Moving forward, any entry typed will also appear in the user's selected language. Once the translation is activated on the desktop software, HOTELbeat's mobile application will also reflect the staff member's language of choice. While the interactive language will change, HOTELbeat's core functional areas, such as clean, repair, and lost and found, will remain consistent, eliminating any confusion related to navigation.


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