How millennials are pushing hotels' mobile boundaries

More than 20 percent of millennials have used their mobile devices to check into a hotel while 46 percent have booked a hotel stay the same way, according to a new study, "Millennials and Hospitality: The Redefinition of Service." More than 9,000 millennials from around the world were surveyed about their mobile usage for the report.

“Mobile is very much here and happening in hospitality,” said Ray Carlin, VP of solution and strategy management at Oracle Hospitality, which commissioned the global study. The results underscore how technology is altering consumer expectation and presenting hospitality operators with an unprecedented opportunity to win millennials’ business.

“It will require a redefinition of service – one that offers millennials tremendous choice, speed and personalization based on their individual preferences,” Carlin said. “Providing such tailored service not only means accommodating consumers’ use of smartphones, but for operators to leverage their own mobile devices to better serve them.”


Millennials in every country are already using their mobile devices to conduct core functions with hotels. Besides mobile check-in and mobile booking,  only 12 percent had ordered roomservice by smartphone, yet roomservice was the No. 1 request when millennials were asked how else technology could improve their stay.

Loyalty is a priority for food and beverage: 52 percent of millennials want to use their mobile devices to take advantage of loyalty programs offered by restaurants, bars and coffee shops. Millennials want to be acknowledged, with personalized rewards that reflect their individual preferences.

Gaps exist between desire and ability: In several instances, millennials’ desire for mobile-driven activities and their actual experience using them varied significantly. For example, only 29 percent of U.S. millennials reported already having paid with a mobile device, but 44 percent expressed a desire to do so—suggesting an opportunity to grow business by meeting demand.

No surprise, millennials can’t part ways with their smartphones – 87 percent of survey respondents said they use one daily. The Apple Watch is already being used by 10 percent of U.K. millennials. Only 37 percent reported using iPads and tablets daily.