How to integrate cloud-based PMS with other vendors

This article is part two of a three-part series on cloud-based PMS. Look to Thursday’s newsletter for the final part.

Cloud-based integration of hotel systems can translate into additional benefits and capabilities for hoteliers. Vendors can interface with other vendors, all in the cloud, quickly. “They can create an interface once, and it can interact with many other vendors, optimizing operations,” said Larry Hall, president and CEO of Springer-Miller.

“The check-in will happen the same way but I can interface with locking systems, temperature systems and other vendors in the cloud to provide a seamless experience for the guest,” Hall said.

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Cloud-based PMSs are technologically ready and are a natural fit to collaborate with online marketplaces for real-time distribution, Hotelogix CEO Aditya Sanghi said. “They have a strong technological advantage over legacy PMSs to connect and distribute room inventory online,” he noted.

The overlapping cloud capabilities, such as PMS, CRS, inventory management, sales and catering systems, can enable easier management of operations, said Larry Gorman, senior director, enterprise architecture and research for SkyTouch Technology. “The hotelier can worry less with a single interface to log into,” he said. “That makes it easier to train staff on one system, instead of multiple ones. It’s enabling technology and the exchange and sharing of data is so much easier.

“The traditional barriers disappear in connecting with the millennial generation,” Gorman continued. “Data collected on social sites, TripAdvisor-type sites and other reputation-management sites can make a more personalized hotel stay for that guest.”

Guest credit card security is better protected when in the cloud, Gorman said, because the technical professionals are maintaining the PCI compliance and data protection.