Indie hotel operators benefit from Maestro Analytics and big data

(Avista Resort Myrtle Beach)

Maestro Analytics allows operators to leverage guest preference data to increase revenue with personalized marketing. Accurate performance metrics identify markets, segments and dates for effective promotions. Maestro Analytics, fully integrated with the Maestro PMS, makes a wealth of guest and property performance data actionable for independent hotel operators.
“We implemented Maestro Analytics Business Intelligence at our six properties seven years ago,” said Helen Staton, director of reservations and revenue management for Seaside Inn Rentals in Myrtle Beach, S.C. “With one button click I can mine our data in Maestro Analytics to instantly measure the booking pace by market, date, guest segment, room type, rate against last year and other important business metrics. This information enables us to target promotion campaigns to the most profitable markets, guest segments and during specific dates to maximize revenue.”
“I use Maestro Analytics to create an ‘on the books’ report to evaluate if our occupancy and rates are trending to forecast,” Staton said. “If we see a dip in occupancy ahead, we may reduce our staffing projections or launch a special promotion to fill rooms. Maestro Analytics is like ‘headlights’ that let us look into the future and make adjustments to maximize performance at all our properties.”
The Maestro property management system records a vast amount of guest information on reservation dates, favorite activities, dining history, purchases and guest feedback. Maestro Analytics makes the data the foundation of actionable, personalized marketing that increases loyalty and revenue.
“Operators can easily identify patterns among guests with common interests,”  said Maestro PMS President Warren Dehan. “One Maestro user noticed that couples who drove to the hotel and played golf frequently visited the property’s spa. This helped them create a very successful golf + spa package they promoted to guests that lived within a two-hour drive based on local zip codes.”
Dehan noted that many Maestro PMS properties mine Analytics for guest survey scores. “Many operators use Analytics to identify guests that may have given a low service rank. This information is the intelligence they need to develop a special incentive package to invite them back. When operators use their data to see their operation clearly, they can put it to work to understand their guests, revenue triggers, and operation to run a more profitable and efficient business.”