Integration is key to seamless, cost-effective PMS installation

This article is part two of a three-part series on PMS. Here is part one.

Hoteliers should consider how a new property-management system can be integrated quickly and cost effectively. Hoteliers need to understand from all of their partners—not just their PMS provider—how they approach integration.
“Does your provider believe in best-of-breed partnerships, open APIs and the use of standards to expedite delivery of new product features?” asked Chris Donahue, director of product management for PAR Springer-Miller. “It is important to understand how much your providers value third-party integration. Do they view it as critical to their solution as things like core product features and general user experience?”

Mark Jarman, Guestware president, said hoteliers should be asking if PMS integration is built on industry standards, such as HTNG’s standards, or the company's own proprietary standards. Hoteliers should also should have a standard third-party support agreement between the PMS vendor, integration partners and the hotel.
A hotel’s new PMS should be integrated the same way as the previous one was or ideally, even better, said Amy Maloney, Rainmaker’s vice president of product management. Hoteliers should make sure there is downstream productivity. “The entire hospitality ecosystem—sales and catering, kiosks, revenue and management, door locks, customer service and more—is open for PMS to integrate with all those systems, whether in place now or in the future,” she said.
A PMS is quite dynamic, so hotels should know that their PMS can support the agility of their other vendors and other systems. They should be asking their PMS providers how quickly can a new integrated system be up and running because it can take a long time and can be costly, said Boro Petrovic, architect with Oracle.

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