Intelity develops mobile device management system

Intelity develops a new mobile device management (MDM) system for use with its ICE Bedside in-room platform. The system enables direct manual device enrollment as well as enrollment through enterprise purchase programs, application authentication and restrictions, automatic operating system updates, automatic application updates, remote messaging to devices, location alerts, and remote lock and data wipe capabilities. There is also active system monitoring of critical information related to devices, including battery life, location, usage and network configuration.
“This highlights the increased emphasis we’re putting on the enterprise back-end tools we offer with our platform,” said David Adelson, Intelity ceo and president. “Our guest-facing interface is the most innovative and flexible in the world, and we are making investments to ensure that the corresponding experience for hotel management and staff is just as seamless and intuitive as that of the hotel guests.”
Security is a principle focus for the new system, which boasts a variety of features specifically intended to promote a secure, private experience for device users. Creation of profiles assists administrators in regulating system use and granting various privileges to identified users.
“This system was designed specifically with users of our ICE Bedside platform in mind,” Adelson said. “We analyzed the experiences of our clients and our internal engineering team while using other available MDMs and used that to create something that will better serve the purposes of our clients and the hospitality industry as a whole. It will work fluidly with our guest services platform, and we’ll continue to work to improve it after its release.”

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