iTouchFaucets launches its patented smartphone touch technology

iTouchFaucets is an electronic touchpad that can retrofit and replace existing faucet handles, allowing users to activate the waterflow and temperature with the touch of a finger or knuckle with various preset timers to cut off water supply. This electronic touchpad allows hotel designers to mix and match various faucet designs to hotel decor and can be used  not just for  bathroom and kitchen, but also showers and bathtubs to prevent overflow, mold issues and increased insurance rates for hotels, hospitals and retirement homes.

“With iTouchFaucets, there will be no more turning of faucet handles in the future,” says Joanna Foong Boey, national vice president of iTouchFaucets. “A lot of water, time and energy is wasted adjusting that water temperature, iTouchFaucets offers four preset temperatures to help reduce water wastage and saves time and energy and add convenience and sanitation for their hotel guests.”

Each temperature button defaults at three seconds to give users enough water to fill up their cup or rinse their hands, thus saving a tremendous amount of water wastage while doing  routine chores like brushing of teeth. When done, users can simply touch the button again for another three seconds to rinse off their toothbrush, thus using only six seconds of water versus 60 seconds, saving 90 percent water, gas and electric.


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Unlike most green technologies that conserve only one natural resource, iTouchFaucets conserves not just water, but gas to heat that water, electric to pump that water up the floors, and fuel to carry that water weight for airlines, cruise lines and RVs.

iTouchFaucets may even qualify for carbon credits and rebates from some water districts, and help get closer towards LEED certification for many hotels. iTouchFaucets has plans for an IPO offering within the next two years.

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