JP McHale introduces rodent-control technology

The Advanced Smart Technology program features a box that controls up to 50 traps and sensors all linked wirelessly to collect information from the traps and sensors. Photo credit: JP McHale Pest Management

JP McHale Pest Management launched technology designed to replace standard rodent-control products and it’s now available to commercial properties and businesses in New York. JP McHale is launching Advanced Smart Technology, a state-of-the-art digital rodent-detection system that can predict and prevent costly infestations in an environmentally sensitive way using 24/7 wireless communications. 

Developed by JP McHale parent company, Anticimex, a global pest solutions company, Smart is also set for a residential launch later this month.   

“This is an enormous leap forward for an age-old problem,” JP McHale President Jim McHale said in a statement. “Our clients’ results to date have already been wildly successful in suppressing rodent populations. In fact, property managers for commercial and multiuse buildings have been among our earliest and most enthusiastic adopters.” 

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The Smart program features a box that controls up to 50 traps and sensors all linked wirelessly to collect information from the traps and sensors and then sent over a wireless network. The traps are used to monitor and detect rodent activity, as well as to trap and exterminate the rodents. 

Where plumbing infestation is a problem, the patented Smart Pipe Trap feature is placed on a drainpipe in the property’s drainage or sewage pipe system to block the mice or rats from entering the facility. All of the stations are environmentally sustainable and do not contain any pesticides.

McHale reports that there are two key benefits of Smart technology: The system can vastly diminish avenues of entry and it signals an alert for a technician as soon as activity is detected. 

“Our goal is to solve rodent problems before the rodents are able to quickly multiply and to reduce the risk of any repeated issue,” McHale said. “This technology tells us when to come to your business before our clients see even one mouse or know of a capture.  As trained professionals hyper-focused on entry points and pathways rodents utilize, this new technology complements our proactivity in attacking and solving rodent issues.”