Kämp Group installs Quadriga solutions

Hotel Kämp Helsinki

The Finnish Kämp Group recently installed Quadriga’s Sensiq entertainment solution across its collection of four-star hotels. The Kämp Group wanted to provide its guests with an interactive TV system to better communicate with their guests, a digital head end with multiple TV channels to provide a better than home experience and a future-proof Wi-Fi solution that allowed for both free and premium connectivity and loyalty integration.

Quadriga installed Sensiq across all the properties, delivering an easy to use and uniform interface, the look and feel could be customized to each hotel’s specific banding and offers. Sensiq’s CMS pages allow the hotels to share specific information in multiple languages to increase interactivity and communication while saving costs.

For a flexible Wi-Fi solution, Quadriga installed QConnect in all the hotels of the Kämp Group. The QConnect solution offers all the features required by the hotel group, including several authentication options and integration with Starwood’s SPG loyalty program at Hotel Kämp.

The Kämp Group in Finland includes Hotel Kämp Helsinki from the Starwood Luxury Collection, and four GLO hotels: KlausK Hotel Helsinki (Design Hotels), Hotel Haven and Lilla Roberts (Small Luxury Hotels), and Hotel Fabian. This collection of four star hotels covers the capital of Helsinki and with the recent opening of the Lilla Roberts, reaches a total of almost 1,200 rooms.