KomBea’s SecureCall helps companies collect sensitive information

SecureCall works seamlessly with existing phone and CRM systems. Photo credit: KomBea (KomBea’s SecureCall )

KomBea launched a product to immediately stop credit card fraud and identity theft at companies accepting sensitive information over the phone, which historically have been high-opportunity targets for malicious fraudsters.

SecureCall allows companies of all sizes to securely collect sensitive information over the phone such as credit cards, health details, Social Security numbers (and their international counterparts), tax information and so on without the information ever touching the call center infrastructure or agents ever seeing or hearing the details. 

“Credit card fraud and identity theft represent pervasive, multi-billion dollar problems in today’s world,” KomBea CEO Art Coombs said in a statement. “Every company that processes credit cards or handles other sensitive customer information over the phone is at risk of fraudsters hacking details from their agents, or agents either maliciously stealing or unwittingly mishandling the data. When employees can see and hear this information, the organization is vulnerable to fraud and breach. With SecureCall, consumers and businesses are never required to audibly provide company reps with sensitive information such as credit card numbers and other private or confidential material.”

SecureCall works seamlessly with existing phone and customer-relationship-management systems. It allows representatives to collect sensitive information without the agent, their supervisors or even those observing the call or recordings to ever see, hear or access the sensitive information, which dramatically reduces risk for everyone.

Agents remain on the line during the entire call, while customers provide credit card or other information to the company using their phone keypad or through an SMS (text) interface. When customers use their phone keypad, the agent hears masked tones and sees dots on his or her computer screen. When customers use the SMS interface, the agent simply receives an acknowledgment that the information was received. Either way, the company simplifies compliance with regulations and standards such as privacy lawas, while greatly reducing risk and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard scope, saving money on PCI costs and chargebacks.

Because credit card information never traverses a company’s PCs or systems, SecureCall virtually eliminates PCI scope, saving companies significant time and cost.

“Credit card fraud and data breaches are rampant—and it’s time companies take matters into their own hands to protect themselves and their customers from this risk," Coombs added. "SecureCall eliminates the opportunity for fraud at a very fundamental level."