KSL Resorts implements Duetto and TravelClick Demand360-driven revenue strategy

Monarch Beach Resort (KSL Resorts implements Duetto and TravelClick Demand360-driven revenue strategy)

KSL Resorts is the first Duetto hotel partner to receive automated pricing recommendations enhanced by TravelClick’s future-looking Demand360 competitor data at the Monarch Beach Resort in Dana Point, Calif. Through a seamless integration between TravelClick and Duetto, KSL can now make optimal pricing decisions with a holistic view into future market demand.

Demand360 for Duetto combines the future-looking market data of TravelClick’s Demand360 with GameChanger’s open pricing, allowing hotels to optimize their pricing strategy against competitors for every channel and market segment. With 22,000 plus properties globally contributing future and historical reservation data, Demand360 gives customers a comprehensive view of the competitiveness in their market.

“With Demand360 and Duetto data integrated, we can now make automated updates to our pricing strategies,” said Ian Pullan, GM at Monarch Beach Resort. “In today’s increasingly complex and competitive landscape, it is crucial to have not only the insights but also the ability to take action in real time. With this integration, we can now always stay one step ahead of our competition.”

Through Demand360 for Duetto, KSL can use house- and segment-level demand data to build custom price rules and adjust pricing strategies for each channel independently in real time. Personalized rate recommendations, reporting, daily performance visualizations and pricing rules will include complete visibility into future-looking market conditions.

Key benefits of the integration include:

  • Duetto will ingest an individual hotel’s aggregated comp-set demand data, identify opportunities and deliver automatic enhanced rate recommendations by segment and channel based on Demand360 insights.
  • Demand360 is fully incorporated into Duetto’s ScoreBoard, which features a custom report builder so that hotels can analyze Demand360 house- and segment-level data alongside key hotel performance metrics.
  • Operators can see how their hotels are performing against the competition, allowing them to visualize trends and changes over time at both the whole house and segment level.

With Demand360 for Duetto, new future-looking data points can be correlated and analyzed with Duetto’s full slate of forward-looking data sets, including web shopping activity and flight demand.  forecasts. This gives hoteliers the most holistic view of the future and the ability to confidently make the best pricing decisions.

TravelClick and Duetto hold confidentiality and security with the highest regard. Hoteliers will only have access to data for their own properties and an aggregated view of their competitive sets.