Kube Systems and Airwave form European distribution agreement

Kube Systems

Kube Systems and Airwave have formed a European distribution agreement. Airwave, European supplier and installer of hotel televisions, content programming and WiFi, has added Kube’s KS Clock and KS Portable to its portfolio. The KS Clock features Bluetooth streaming, an intuitive alarm clock and the ability to charge up to six mobile devices with an Apple Lightning, Apple 30-pin, and Micro-USB flip-out cable, two additional auto-sensing USB ports and optional Qi wireless charging. The KS Portable does the same, but without the clock or streaming audio capability.

“Many European luxury hotels, particularly those in heritage buildings, have a restricted number of electrical sockets,” said Peta Austin, Airwave Business Development Manager. “For housekeepers it’s a nightmare because often guests move furniture in search of an outlet to plug in a smartphone or tablet. Most guests now have two or more smart devices that need charging, putting pressure on available sockets in a room, and these devices are likely to be loaded with favorite music, podcasts or films. Guests really appreciate attention to detail in meeting their needs. The KS Clock will charge multiple devices simultaneously with the necessary cables attached, play guests’ preferred music through the Kube’s superior audio speaker, and wake them when the alarm is programmed. All this is being accomplished from one socket.

Unlike other in-room alarm clocks with charging capabilities, the KS Clock features a mobile Room Programmer launched via an Android App. The tool offers a GUI touchscreen experience, making it easy for hotel staff to program. The Kube also features a Bluetooth Clear Cache Interval setting that specifies how long a mobile device will remain in memory. This way a previous guest cannot pair to the new guest’s KS Clock.