Kube Systems partners with Guest Supply

(Kube charging device)

Guest Supply Inc. will now be carrying Kube Systems’ full line of mobile device charging solutions. Through a distribution partnership agreement, the Kube Audio Clock for guestrooms and the Kube 5 portable charging system for public areas will soon be available to more than 20,000 Guest Supply customers. 
The Kube Audio Clock features Bluetooth streaming, an intuitive alarm clock, and the ability to charge up to six mobile devices with an Apple Lightning, Apple 30-pin, and Micro-USB flip-out cable, two additional auto-sensing USB ports, and global standard Qi wireless charging is an option. This product, which comes in black or white, will be available at the end of December to Guest Supply customers. 
Unlike other in-room alarm clocks with charging capabilities, the Kube Audio Clock features a mobile Room Programmer launched via an Android App. The tool offers a GUI touchscreen experience, making it easy for hotel staff to program. The Kube also features a Bluetooth (BT) Clear Cache Interval setting that specifies how long a mobile device will remain in memory. This way a previous guest cannot pair to the new guest’s clock.
The Kube 5 is a portable charging system that comes as a set of five Kubes and a recharging tray. Each of the five portable charging Kubes features three built-in connectors, two USB ports and comes with Qi wireless charging that enables guests to simply rest or “drop and charge” their mobile devices on top of the Qi charging pad, located on the top of each Kube. Guests can power up to six mobile devices simultaneously; all smartphones and tablets are compatible, plus fitness bands, cameras and headphones. Each portable Kube has an 18,000 mAh battery that charges at a speed comparable to wall outlets, and provides up to nine hours of phone charge time. Each Kube can be programmed with a variable timeout function to limit user time and avoid power squatting.
All Kube Systems products provide up to nine hours of charge time at speeds comparable to those from wall outlets.