Kube Systems unveils value-priced in-room charging device


Increasing demand from hoteliers in the midscale to limited-service hospitality segments has spurred Kube Systems to design a new mobile device charging solution. Equipped with even more charging options but at a lower price point, Kube unveils the new Kube Essential.

“Widespread global deployments of our Kube Clock and Kube 5 docking station this year at full-service, luxury and boutique hotels has not gone un-noticed by hoteliers in other segments,” said Dave Weinstein, Kube Systems VP. “Daily we field calls from hoteliers asking for information about our charging Kubes for guestrooms and public spaces. Unfortunately for some, the cost of these popular models is somewhat prohibitive in their segment.”

“Therefore, we have designed a multi-device charger for ALL portable electronics including smart phones, tablets, cameras, wearable technologies – even laptops – that most hotels can afford and all guests will enjoy. Like our existing Kubes, it can charge multiple devices at one time, features built-in replaceable cables (so guests don’t have to remember theirs), and can be had with optional wireless charging.”