Las Vegas Hilton Grand Vacations refurbishes air conditioners

AirRevive has completed the guestroom air conditioner refurbishment and re-commissioning project at the Hilton Grand Vacations Suites Las Vegas. Hilton and AirRevive used the “green” fan coil unit replacement alternative as a means to preserve the environment, optimize efficiency, realize cost savings, enhance guest satisfaction, and manage owner expectations.

The HVAC refurbishment service provider, AirRevive, offers a proprietary technology to refurbish fan coil units. The refurbishment includes rejuvenating the coil, installing fiber free foam anti-microbial thermal insulation, disinfecting and deodorizing the cabinet, and replacing valves and other components on an as needed basis. AirRevive then re-commissions the units by upgrading the PSC motors with Electronic Commutation (EC) motors.

AirRevive’s refurbishment process, mainly the coil rejuvenation and valve replacement is the proven best practice to retrofit the EC motors. The coil rejuvenation resulted in a coil temperature drop of 11 percent, averaging 50 degrees Fahrenheit. It is key the coils work uniformly and airflow is uninhibited to achieve maximum efficiency from the EC motor.

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The Las Vegas Hilton Grand Suites embraced the sustainable option avoiding discarding more than 700 pieces of scrap metal.

AirRevive’s sustainable services focus on extending the life of existing HVAC assets and energy efficiency from the chiller plant to the air handlers.  AirRevive offers comprehensive refurbishment and re-commissioning solutions for vertical, horizontal, packaged, and split air handler units.

AirRevive’s turnkey service begins with a mock up including a site inspection, survey, and energy calculations. The HVAC refurbishment and re-commissioning services include labor, proprietary chemical solutions, parts upgrades and project management.