Las Vegas hotel employs Knowland to gain group share

The Golden Nugget in Las Vegas has more than 2,400 guestrooms. Photo credit: Golden Nugget (Golden Nugget Guestroom)

The Golden Nugget Las Vegas hotel and casino has leveraged Knowland’s historical database of actualized events to amplify its group sales and prioritize leads.

The Golden Nugget has 37,000 square feet of function space, 10 restaurants and more than 2,400 rooms. Although the hotel has relied on Knowland’s search and analytics software for some time, the staff now sees the tool as a key sales strategy to enhance its profitability through the prioritization of leads during this downturn.
By comparing potential accounts with a property’s attributes, sales teams can surface leads that are most likely to book new business. Through its real-time search and analytics technology, Knowland’s event database is a direct line to building a robust sales pipeline.

“Hidden gem” account leads streamline the process of identifying the right customer. Seventy percent of users have reported discovering qualified prospects they wouldn’t have found otherwise. The sales process includes active prospecting and is a key strategy for Golden Nugget sales teams. By using Knowland’s data-driven intelligence and reporting functionality, sales staff have the knowledge they need to turn cold calls into warm calls using account details found in the database, accelerating the sales cycle and increasing efficiency. 

“Knowland is a critical and invaluable tool,” said Allen Oakley, the hotel's national sales manager. “If we didn’t have it, I don’t know what tool we would use to prospect. We can’t rely on others to send us new business. I can definitely say that using the platform has directly impacted our road to profitability, even before the downturn. Today, we continue to see the results we need to keep us on track as we move towards a new tomorrow.”