Small accommodation provider app now available

Little Hotelier app (Little Hotelier now available on the app store)

Little Hotelier, an all-in-one business solution for small accommodation providers, has released its mobile application on the app store. The Little Hotelier app will allow existing customers, owners of bed and breakfasts, guesthouses and motels, to manage their small property's rooms and reservations on-the-go, from an iPhone or iPad, free of charge.

“We have learned through our customers that small accommodation providers the world over are recognizing that modern technology can give them the freedom they need to keep an eye on their property without having to physically be there,” said Nicolay Alexiev, Little Hotelier’s product manager. “As small business owners, they often wear many hats – the owner of a small accommodation business is typically also the operator, marketer, financial planner and cook – so being able to run their property on-the-go is a tremendous benefit and need.”

Using the app, Little Hotelier customers can manage multiple properties in different locations and be instantly notified of new guest bookings. They can also check room availability and have full control over reservations, room closures, check-ins and check-outs. A limited version of the Little Hotelier app is accessible offline, to ensure business continuity for small accommodation providers while reducing the risk of double bookings.

"The Little Hotelier app is a wonderfully-versatile way to manage your bookings,” said Holli Hamlin, hotel manager of the Australian-based Hotel Palisade, one of the app’s early adopters. “It works so well while you are away from your desk, giving you more freedom and flexibility when you are dealing with guests face-to-face. I highly recommend the Little Hotelier app to anyone in the hotel industry."