Kansas City Autograph Collection property partners with HIS

Ambassador Hotel Kansas City guests can stream personal content from their devices onto guestroom televisions without needing to input login information. Photo credit: Hotel Internet Services

The Ambassador Hotel Kansas City (Mo.), Autograph Collection, has implemented advanced guest Wi-Fi and BeyondTV equipped with state-of-the-art voice-control and virtual-assistant abilities from Hotel Internet Services. 

By partnering with HIS, the property now can cater to guest demands for faster internet speeds, personalized content streaming and casting abilities, along with convenient voice-enabled access to hotel amenities. HIS was able to provide the property with a future-proof network that can fully cater to both guest and operational needs. This was achieved using advanced Ruckus technology to ensure a strong and consistent signal throughout the premises.
By implementing BeyondTV, each guest at the Ambassador Hotel Kansas City can stream personal content from their devices onto guestroom televisions without needing to input login information. Using patented data-privacy technology, BeyondTV safeguards guest information with features that include automatically erasing all usage data upon check-out. Guests also are able to delete their personal data at any time during their stay with a push of a remote-control button.
Through an integration with Amazon's Alexa and Volara, BeyondTV also ensures that guests can experience enhanced convenience via complete voice control over guestroom amenities such as televisions. Guests can use voice control to find out hotel or local information, as well as issue requests for items such as extra towels, with any voice commands seamlessly converted into text messages and relayed directly to the front desk.

“When guests now visit hotels, they fully expect to be able to carry on with the ability to connect multiple devices, access their own personalized content and receive the sort of instant convenience that they are accustomed to when at home,” Michael Hammontree, the hotel's GM, said in a statement. “In working with HIS, we are now able to fully deliver on each of these needs. HIS also ensures that we have a network and voice control infrastructure in place that provides the ability to later provide additional functionalities, allowing us to keep pace with guest behaviors and demands as they change.”
As a comprehensive guestroom entertainment and convenience-enhancing solution, other BeyondTV features include the ability for guests to access details on available promotions and services via the guestroom television screen or by making an inquiry through Alexa. Further enhancing the potential for increased revenue is the option of using BeyondTV to play video loops showcasing additional offerings or even other properties that are part of a hotel brand. Such footage can be scheduled to play when a guest first enters the room or when the television remains inactive for a preset period of time.