Luxury Mexican resort upgrades communication, staff operations

For the Chablé Resort, SOPs are now stored as Logbook items, which makes them easily accessible to all staff members. Photo credit: Alice (Luxury Mexican resort upgrade communication, staff operations)

Chablé Resort and Spa, a member of Leading Hotels of the World, has selected Alice’s full suite of staff communication and task-management tools, as well as a white-labeled app for its guests, to improve staff communication, enhance operations and better engage guests across its 40 luxury villas located near Merida, Mexico. 

At the time of implementing Alice, Chablé Resort had developed standard operating procedures, but had yet to fully distribute and communicate them to all departments. The resort opened in 2016. By implementing Alice, SOPs are now stored as Logbook items, which makes them easily accessible to all staff members. When changes to SOPs are made, additions are uploaded as new Logbook items and immediately available to every department. This was a new feature in Alice designed specifically for the resort and it ensures that everyone is on the same page when it comes to following procedures. 

Another aspect that had impacted operations before Alice was communication among management, and staff in general. Previously, personal cell phones were used by management to communicate requests or report anything that needed to be addressed. By upgrading to Alice, managers will no longer be bothered by messages on their personal cell phones and will only receive requests that exclusively pertain to their areas, allowing for managers to fully disconnect from work. The issue of identifying if a task has been completed has also been addressed because Alice workflows enable the manager to see when something has been completed through the ticket history.

Moving over to Alice has also meant that radio is no longer the main channel of communication. This has benefitted the property in many ways, especially because radio chatter is no longer overheard by guests. 

For rooms division manager Eva Lopez, the transition to Alice has been a positive one. “There’s a big difference. Right now, we can record every internal and guest request and now we know how long each request will take,” she said in a statement.