Maestro PMS adds tablet option

Maestro can now be deployed in any combination of Windows, a browser or on a tablet. Photo credit: Maestro (Maestro tablet)

Maestro is set to reveal an expansion to its property-management system that can be deployed in any environment: the cloud, on-premises, self-hosted and private cloud. 

In addition to Maestro’s existing Windows and web browser versions, the new tablet-based version was developed as a frontline user-focused native tablet application that works on any mobile or desktop device. Maestro now can be deployed in any combination of Windows, a browser or on a tablet—and in a wide choice of platforms—while providing a centralized view of the guest from check-in to check-out.
“[Our clients] wanted something toned down with less options for their frontlines; an almost ‘no training required’ version, so to speak,” said Maestro President Warren Dehan. “Therefore, we soon will be unveiling a newly designed tablet [user interface] for Maestro that is extremely intuitive to navigate ... The frontline workers using the mobile device will only need a small portion of Maestro’s capability for everyday tasks—such as curbside or lobby check-in/out, spa intake, digital signature capture, etc.—so we scaled back the functionality to make it more streamlined without the extra features that typically only back-of-the-house teams and managers need to use.
“The turnover rate of front-line staff, especially with new safety requirements and people stepping into new roles or wearing more hats, may be higher than normal. So, we needed to ensure that training on this device is effortless and requires minimal management intervention to get users (who may be new hires or seasonal workers) up to speed quickly. Due to the familiarity most people have with tablets and mobile devices, and because we designed Maestro Tablet specifically for this medium, users can hit the ground running in a very short time.”
The expansion will give operators a say in which platform is best for their property: self-hosted, private cloud, on-premises (all which offer the options of Windows-based, web browser-based or a hybrid of both) or a cloud-hosted solution with web browser access deployed in a dedicated environment. Hoteliers can also choose which UI brings people into the system. Back-office staff may choose to access Maestro via Windows, while managers can opt to access the PMS via the web and front-office staff can leverage the mobile flexibility of the tablet. 

Guests will also be able to choose how they prefer to engage with the hotel or staff. For contactless service, guests can self-serve from their phone via the solution’s mobile preregistration and prepayment portal. A digital reg card with guest interactive updates is also available, along with interfaces to the most popular mobile key applications, kiosk or iPad self-check-in solutions, SMS/text messaging apps and mobile express check-out.