When Manquehue Hotels looked to expand its footprint in Chile with three new hotels, it turned to Oracle Hospitality to help support the growth. Manquehue was able to efficiently establish internal operations at the new hotels and enhance the overall guest experience for its customers.
“As we continue to grow our hotels and chain, we need a system in place that provides us with standardized, timely and online information to better serve our customers,” Manquehue Hotels corporate GM Abner Cayul said in a statement. “Oracle Hospitality was the only solution that could help us expand to be one of the most prominent hotel chains in Chile. We look forward to utilizing their offerings to fuel our continued growth.”
With Oracle Hospitality Opera, Manquehue Hotels can create in-depth customer profiles to tailor experiences to each customer’s specific preferences, such as suggesting certain dining venues and luxury items. The company also relies on Opera for improved internal operations for employees, offering them immediate access to 24/7 support and connection to electronic invoices for easy back-office reporting.
The chain also uses the Oracle Micros Simphony cloud point-of-sale system to support a wide range of food-and-beverage operations within the hotel, including restaurant and roomservice amenities. Micros Simphony also provides key data on what items are most popular and when. Conversely, it provides insight into which items are not selling, providing more informed decisions on menu planning to better serve guests while improving inventory management and reducing waste.