Maritz launches virtual reality for incentive programs

(Maritz Motivation Solutions)

Maritz Motivation Solutions launches Awards Aviator, a new interactive virtual reality game experience for reward and incentive programs.  Developed by Maritz product and interactive creative designers, Awards Aviator employs Oculus Rift headsets to provide a fully-immersive 3D VR experience.

“It is a unique game offering with unlimited uses for consumer and employee rewards, recognition and incentive programs,” said Jack Stiehr, senior director of creative development for Maritz Motivation Solutions.
With Awards Aviator, each player dons an Oculus headset, which makes the 3D images come to life. During the two-minute game, players earn award points by capturing gems while navigating their spaceship through a nocturnal planetary landscape. Wearing the Oculus glasses, players simply turn their heads left or right or tilt up or down to navigate the ship.
The total score is tallied at the end of the game and includes a top ten list of the best “aviators” in the galaxy. Maritz estimates that 15 people an hour can play the game, which is designed to appeal to a wide variety of audience demographics. Maritz provides the game hardware and software and a company operator assists companies to deploy it at their desired location.