Meliá Orlando implements energy-efficiency retrofits

Meliá Orlando Suite hotel (Meliá Orlando Suite hotel implements energy efficiency retrofits)

In an effort to meet corporate sustainability goals, Meliá Orlando Suite Hotel at Celebration,  minutes away from Walt Disney World Parks, Sea World along with Universal Studios Orlando, has implemented multiple green technologies that reduce energy and water usage.

With the help of energy efficiency consulting services from Gone Green Earth, the hotel installed an energy-management system that monitors, controls and maximizes the efficiency of all air conditioning systems for the hotel hallways, guest registration welcome lobby, administrative offices, mechanical rooms and the restaurant, 360 American Bistro & Bar. The system includes automatic thermostat set-backs for low traffic hours to further reduce energy usage.

Meliá Orlando installed a heat recovery water heating solution that takes the wasted heat from the air conditioning refrigerant line to produce free hot water whenever the AC system is running, which reduces energy usage. The hotel also recommissioning of all AC systems – this comprehensive annual maintenance program on all AC equipment ensures they are running at peak efficiency to reduce unnecessary wasted energy.

Water conservation “smart” valves were installed right after both the main water line and the irrigation meters. The unique solution reduces water usage and costs without lowering hotel room water pressure (i.e. affecting the guest experience). The irrigation line water valve has already reduced water usage by 24 percent.

Also installed are new electric vehicle charging stations. A Frylow cooking oil and energy reduction solution was installed to double the lifespan of fryer cooking oil, reducing oil usage and disposal by 50 percent.  It also reduces overall fryer energy costs by working at lower cooking temperatures. Most importantly, this technology reduces oil absorption by 47 percent, creating healthier and better tasting food for our guests.

The implementation of these practices will allow Meliá Orlando to become more environmentally friendly and sustainable. Many more energy retrofits are being planned so the hotel can continue working toward a zero energy footprint.