MGM grows segmented social marketing

Segmented social advertising, boosted by sub-campaigns created for Facebook and Twitter Custom Audiences, has grown MGM Resorts International revenues 300 percent over the last three years. MGM uses social media data to get the right offer to the right customer. Social advertising has grown revenues 300 percent over the last three years, reports Clickz.

Most MGM customers aren't aware of who owns the hotels, restaurants, and casinos they visit, but each of them likely knows M life, MGM's overarching loyalty brand. MGM keeps track of each customer within one central database that contains some 30 million opt-in email addresses.

Getting consumers to sign up for M Life is a priority for MGM, Nick Mattera, social media manager for MGM, told Direct Marketing News. Once consumers enroll in the program, MGM can enter their information into its customer database and track where they eat, sleep, and gamble across all of its 19 properties. This allows the company to paint a more holistic picture of its guests' experiences.

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Based on guests' loyalty status and indicated brand affinities, MGM will then serve up Facebook ads. For example, if a consumer always stays at the Bellagio, MGM may serve that consumer a Facebook ad offering 15 percent off standard rates. Or if travelers start looking at room rates on and then leave to compare prices on a competitor's site MGM can drive them back to its site with a relevant Facebook offer, Mattera explained. In addition, MGM can segment its database in hundreds of different ways — such as by loyalty status and geographic location — to deliver more personalized offers, he said.

Additionally, MGM uses Adobe Social to listen and moderate social conversations on Twitter, as well as present relevant offers based gleaned from those conversations. For instance, MGM can look for tweets indicating that a traveler wants to go to Vegas but doesn't know where to stay and retarget them. “This isn't a social strategy,” he added. “This is a digital marketing strategy.”

Mattera segments his social media campaigns like crazy. He uses Facebook and Twitter Custom Audiences to run as many as 18 to 20 sub-campaigns off every campaign, with audiences of 25,000 or less per campaign. For example, a campaign for Bellagio might target people who've shown high affinity for the property, as well as consumers in Brazil.

Even more important than custom audiences is Facebook Exchange retargeting, according to Mattera. If someone abandons a booking, MGM will dynamically serve them an ad the next time he or she goes to Facebook, reports CMO magazine.

Over the course of 2010 to 2013, MGM grew its social database by eight times — up to 5.2 million members. The brand also saw a 2X increase in revenue during the 2011 to 2012 year and an additional 1.5X increase in revenue from 2012 to 2013, Direct Marketing News reports.


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