Mobile technology: It’s not just limited to smartphones

The Trump International Hotel and Tower in Toronto recently adopted a communication system using Vocera badges.

The Trump International Hotel and Tower in Toronto recently adopted a communication system using Vocera badges. 

While much of the buzz about mobile technology surrounds guest devices such as smartphones and tablets, hotels can use a variety of mobile devices to improve the guest experience. For example, the Trump International Hotel and Tower in Toronto partnered with Vocera Communications on badges hotel workers can use for communication.

“When we opened, one area that we identified very quickly that we needed to be competitive in was service—you cannot have a five-star hotel today without great service,” GM Mickael Damelincourt told Hotel Management. “That’s where technology plays a role.”

Since the Vocera badges are very small, Damelincourt said, they are nearly invisible to the guests, which provides that “wow” factor when the workers are communicating. “Just by speaking, we can have workers say to each other, ‘This is Mr. Smith and he’s here for his fifth anniversary,’” said Damelincourt. Transmitting that information to other hotel workers can set the wheels of service in motion as other workers jump to pre-arrange tasks.

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“I think a tablet or smartphone in the hands of a doorman or reception agent doesn’t work if you’re using it to communicate,” said Damelincourt. “With a bigger device you can be distracted. For example, you have to look at the tablet to get information.”

Mobile technology of all stripes can also drive efficiency within the hotel, Damelincourt noted.

“If I can reach a housekeeper on the other side of the building, I save a lot of time doing that,” said Damelincourt. “That can reduce the number of employees that are hired and generate better profits.”

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