Moxy Hotels brand upgrades communication infrastructure

A rendering of Moxy Austin
Moxy Hotels has been able to significantly increase the efficiency and effectiveness of hotel operations, Photo credit: White Lodging

Marriott International's Moxy Hotels upgraded its communication infrastructure with Avaya IX Workplace products. The brand can give its guests a higher level of service and satisfaction and bolster its workforce efficiency with the upgrade.

Moxy Hotels has experienced rapid expansion, and with even more hotels opening in the next two years across the globe, the brand needed a cost-effective, reliable solution that had an open application programming interface scope and expanded integration capabilities with multiple hospitality solutions so they could easily and seamlessly expand their feature set and help enhance their guest experiences now and in the future. With the help of hospitality system integrator and Avaya business partner Tele-Automation, it chose Avaya IX Workplace for its unified communications platform.

“To ensure we are giving our guests the finest experience, we knew we needed a reliable, feature-rich solution that came at a competitive price point,” Lowell Beebe-Center, Moxy's director of operations, said in a statement. “To date, Avaya and Tele-Automation have been extremely responsive and easy to work with, helping us to realize our business needs through features and solutions enabled on our Avaya IX Workplace platform. The open API scope and expanded integration with a plethora of hospitality vendors has helped allow for us to have a solution that we can expand and enhance as we add to our guest experiences in the future.”

By upgrading its communications infrastructure with Avaya IX Workplace and partnering with Tele-Automation, Moxy Hotels has been able to provide a full range of robust communication options for its staff and guests. Moxy has been able to significantly increase the efficiency and effectiveness of hotel operations and provide superior customer engagement through seamless communications between the front and back office, including mobile users, for greater customer interaction. Tele-Automation, through implementation of Avaya IX Workplace, is also providing Moxy Hotels with the capability for disaster recovery with off-site enablement for admin personnel and avoiding additional costs in call routing between staff.

Avaya IX Workplace is highly flexible and scalable, which gives assurances regarding the alignment of technology with future growth. Moxy Hotels’ solution includes Avaya advanced desktop IP phones, giving knowledge workers a full range of unified communications features and a user interface that can be personalized.