MyCheck granted patent for its mobile payment technology

(MyCheck granted patent for its mobile payment technology)

MyCheck, a mobile payment platform provider to the hospitality industry, has been issued a U.S. Patent No. 9,477,995 B2 related to the system, device and method of payment transacted through mobile payment applications. The patent covers MyCheck’s point-of-sale integration system and the method of allowing a customer to perform self-checkout (using a unique, user-specific code or “handshake” between the guest’s mobile device and the POS) at a real-world, non-virtual store, restaurant or other business establishment that the customer is visiting. The patented technology enables a customer to self-checkout their open table without requiring action on behalf of the business establishment.
“Five years ago, many companies came to market with different options for connecting their mobile payment apps to a POS,” said Shlomit Kugler, MyCheck Global CEO. “Back then, people were skeptical about the payment method that we introduced – a ‘handshake’ which requires involvement of the hospitality staff. However, we knew that both user and waiter engagement will be the key to overcome the confusion that is created when a venue is not involved in opening a check. Since then, the ‘handshake’ has been adopted by many players and is becoming the industry standard.  The user-specific code is essential to providing a seamless and secure transaction without exposing the customers data and basket.”
MyCheck enables a seamless pay-at-the-table experience via direct POS integration. Guests can view, split and pay their bill straight from their smartphone without waiting for the check or the credit card slip, or the server coming over with a tablet or terminal. They can even redeem rewards and special offers which go straight into the POS and use any method of payment they want, including credit card, debit card, Paypal, Android Pay, Apple Pay, MasterPass, Visa checkout and more.
“The patented mobile-payment transaction method designed by MyCheck is proven to be the easiest way to connect the user to the table and to their running tab,” Kugler said. “The result for business owners is enhanced operations, higher server tips and faster table turnarounds.”