NEHÔ Group adopts SiteMinder technology

The NEHÔ Group has a portfolio of 17 managed properties and 1,800 rooms in France and Belgium. Photo credit: SiteMinder

French hotel-management company NEHÔ Group adopted technology by SiteMinder to deliver more guests to its managed properties across France and Belgium. The move forms part of the group’s growth strategy as it looks to expand its portfolio across Europe.

NEHÔ Group has taken over, developed and restored residential real estate in France and Belgium during the past five years. The group is introducing new concepts and enhancing value to its growing portfolio of 17 managed properties and 1,800 rooms.

“Because innovation and evolution are so inherently part of our values, the next step to success, as it is in the world of hospitality, is to get closer to our hotel partners and bring them closer to their guests,” NEHÔ Group GM Patrick Boero said in a statement. “SiteMinder helps both us and our hotels to be better, faster and more efficient, which is essential to provide the best possible service to guests every day. In our industry, having the right technology is like having pans in a restaurant; without it, the business simply wouldn’t work.” 

NEHÔ Group is capitalizing on France’s growing US$266 million travel and tourism industry to rebuild, modernize and open both new and existing properties. Technology like SiteMinder’s, the company said, is instrumental to continue serving customers and maintaining France as the world’s top travel destination.