New California Aloft installs e7 thermostats with voice controls

The e7 also communicates with the property’s Alexa voice-activated room controls powered by Volara. Photo credit: Honeywell (Honeywell e7 guestroom)

Zenique Hotels installed Honeywell’s Inncom e7 Thermostats at its new 127-room Aloft Dublin-Pleasanton hotel in California. The hotel picked Honeywell for its robust integration capabilities.
“Its flat-panel controls are perfect for the exceptional Aloft guest experience we wanted to create,” Zenique Hotels President Rupesh Patel said in a statement. “The e7 also communicates with our property’s Alexa voice-activated room controls powered by Volara. The systems work well together and provide the innovation and convenience our guests love.”
Honeywell’s e7 Thermostats also accept commands from AavGo guestroom tablets at the Aloft Dublin-Pleasanton. “AavGo is an industry leading operations and guest convenience platform that simplifies communication between hotel staff and guests,” Patel said. “We provide AavGo tablets in all rooms. The tables provide many conveniences and allow guests to control lighting and temperature through AavGo’s integration with Honeywell’s system.”

Guests may use Alexa voice controls or tablets to set room temperature and control lighting. “Often guests want to adjust their room temperature in the middle of the night,” Patel said. “In our rooms guests can simply ask Alexa to change the e7 Thermostat settings without having to get out of bed.”

Patel stressed that for a property to set itself apart from the competition, it must provide cutting-edge experiences for travelers. “The Aloft Dublin-Pleasanton’s guests are mostly tech-savvy millennials who understand and enjoy using our new technology.”
Honeywell’s Inncom e7 Thermostat is the first enterprise-grade environmental-control and energy-management product that incorporates Amazon Alexa voice control for an effortless guest experience that includes room temperature, lighting, drapery and amenity services. e7 is based on a patent-pending Smart Wall Plate design that provides hotel staff with an easy and reliable back-up of the device configuration. This makes routine maintenance or replacement of the e7 energy-management system simple, which helps reduce ownership costs.
“The Aloft Dublin-Pleasanton is the first property in the world to implement the new Gen4 design for Aloft Hotels,” Patel said. “We enjoy the challenge of being the first, and implementing new technology solutions. Honeywell has been a perfect partner to integrate environmental and energy-management room controls with voice activation.”